Monday, December 24, 2007

Do Snow Days Reveal Your Bad Attitude?

Do you make the effort to drive into work during a snow storm? Recently, the Milwaukee area experienced a snow/ice storm. Most of the schools were closed and there was an ice storm advisory for those living to the south. In my area, we received only snow; the radio announcers advised that the roads were not treacherous, to take it slow and give yourself plenty of time. My husband who left for work before me called to report the roads were fine; all of his co-workers had made it in safely coming from every area of South Eastern Wisconsin.

My department was a different story; five out of twelve did not make it in. Yet, all the employees in the other departments at our location had made it. This statistic reminded me of a recent article I had read indicating that employees with bad attitudes do not bother going into work during inclement weather. Our company’s owner did walk around making a mental note of who came in and who did not. His only comment was, “I can understand why Jim's not here he has that long commute.”

These same workers grumbled amongst themselves when they returned the next day seeming to have forgotten our company policy, "In fairness to those employees who do not come in to work under adverse weather conditions when we are not closed will not be paid for hours not worked." Understandably, there are family situations employees must attend to; two of the five had to stay home with their children due to school closings. If you truly can't make it in, you can try to handle the situation in a positive manner. Plan ahead, if weather reports are predicting bad weather take work home, call your managers and co-workers to make sure important tasks are completed in your absence, keep up with your work by checking voice mail and email from home, our company is set up so that everyone can do so. Lastly do your career a favor, if the roads are not that bad make the effort and go in.

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