Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A little bit of gratitude to shake a bad day

In response to a horrendous day, I am listing five “feel good” entries from my gratitude journal in no particular order. During the past two months have been grateful for:

1. Tyler, my co-worker, for finding an error I had made so that it could be corrected in a timely fashion and a future problem eliminated. Typically, I would have internalized this mistake and spent the rest of the day feeling bad about myself. Once I acknowledged that I was grateful to Tyler, I just fixed it and moved on.

1. A. On a side note, Tyler made a mistake in the same system in early January. He came to me asking for my assistance fixing it, even admitting the system is not as easy as it looks.

2. My dogs, Buck and Teddy and all of the puppies my husband has been training. They keep me grounded and living in the present.

3. The window in my office from which I can watch the season's change, monitor the weather and occasionally catch a glimpse of wild life. In the past I have taken this window for granted, not realizing what a benefit it is. I am reminded of a company I visited a few years back that had virtually no windows. The most popular topic of conversation around the office was whether anyone had been outside, and if so what the weather was like.

4. Plumbing that works and a hot morning shower. Nothing makes you appreciate modern technology more than when it does not work.

5. A phone call from Judy my favorite acquaintance. Judy was a business associate who had recently left her position to go on permanent disability; she has cancer. I loved working with her, missed her terribly and had run out of lame business excuses to call her. She called me out of the blue before the holidays for the simple and perfect reason ~ to wish me a Merry Christmas. In today’s world of hectic schedules acquaintances and business associates are our new friends. It took this phone call for me to realize I don't need a business reason to call her; I can call just to say hi and ask how she is doing.

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