Saturday, January 05, 2008

The New Year's Ham Tradition

Each year for as long as anyone can remember, my company has given employees a New Year’s ham. This is a nice gesture and all; the hams are huge weighing close to fifteen pounds and probably cost at least $25 apiece. My husband and I enjoyed this ham the first couple of years, but found it increasingly difficult to eat fifteen pounds of ham in one year. Once we began finding the previous year’s ham still in our freezer at Christmas time, we decided to give all future New Years ham’s away. Last year, I gave my ham to a friend whose husband had been out of work. This year's ham went to a needy family we found through our local food pantry.

I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but the New Year’s ham tradition is an outdated idea. I am sure for the employee that is single, has a small family, is vegetarian or like me can no longer eat 15 pounds of ham in one year this gesture is wasted. It is time for companies to give up outdated traditions and look for new perks that will appeal to a greater majority of employees.

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