Saturday, February 02, 2008

I hate to admit it; but Time Warner Cable is growing on me

Over the past several years, I have had a love/hate relationship with Time Warner Cable, our local cable company. This is primarily due to the inadequate customer service I have received when we have service issues and their ever increasing prices. A couple of years ago, we did upgrade to one of their combination packages that includes high-speed internet, cable and digital phone service. The total cost of the package is cheaper than buying the services separately. Overall, we’ve been happy with this move, despite initial misgivings about Time Warner Cable in general and our doubts as to whether a landline phone was even needed.

This past week, my husband actually read the advertising fliers included with our monthly Time Warner bill. According to him, we could save $10 a month if we cancelled our free domestic long distance service in all states accept Wisconsin. We would still have access to local domestic calling outside of Wisconsin at 5¢ a minute. We decided to take advantage of this deal. Unfortunately, when he called to make the change, he was told the special was good for digital phone customers only; we were ineligible because our phone service was part of a package.

Here is the part where they start to grow on me:
The customer service rep then offered to give us $10 off anyway since we had been long-term customers. How about that for service; we still save $10 a month and can continue to call anyone in the United States and Canada for free.

Also, they have added a new feature:
Our TV now has an option for caller ID display at no extra charge. For old-fashioned folks like me who don't have a phone with caller id capabilities, we can now screen our calls while watching TV without ever leaving the couch. When the phone rings, the caller’s name and phone number are shown in the top left hand corner of our television screen.