Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just wondering why?

1. The smudge proof mascara I buy is never really smudge proof.

2. My health club has to charge extra for Pilates and yoga classes. Isn't my monthly membership fee enough to cover the cost of these classes?

3. Every time I buy new eyeglasses, the only frames I like in the entire store just came in and are not on sale.

4. These same eyeglass frames looked much better when I was trying them on than when they contain my actual prescription.

5. Pottery Barn’s earthenware dinnerware is stamped microwave & dishwasher safe when in actuality it cracks if placed in the microwave.

6. Our local retail establishments refuse to keep extended hours and even choose to close early on a whim. I really do try to patronize our local Mom & Pop shops, but it is extremely frustrating to rush across town after work only to find they closed 15 minutes early. And they wonder why they can’t compete with the large discount retail chains.

1 comment:

  1. I think the saying should be changed to say, "nothing's sure in life except death, taxes, and that your monthly membership fee doesn't actually cover anything that you want."