Saturday, February 21, 2009

Scraping my New Years Resolutions

I've decided to scrap my New Year’s Resolutions; I wasn't making much progress anyway. Here is an update –

1. To be a better employee - This one went to the wayside shortly after my company's HR manager attacked my management skills. In the days following, it was all could do to concentrate on my work, let alone try to think like an owner.

2. To become a better blogger, this is something I still strive to do, but I’m not going to participate in the blog improvement project. I still think it’s a great idea and enjoy reading the project assignments. It's just that my blog posts are too infrequent to spend time blogging about my blog.

3. I am going to eat a healthier diet. I have made a small effort to eat better which has resulted in a one pound weight loss. Small effort = small results. Enough said about this one.

If I put my mind to it, I am sure I can come up with a better focus for the rest of 2009 than this.

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