Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Words to remember

If this is the worst thing that happens in life it will be a good life.
-Author Unknown

Trying to remember this as I work through my company’s year-end mess, the tax problem from 2006 still not resolved (not my error) and the phone calls from vendors screaming for money.


  1. Ooooooo. Vendors wanting money - not a good sign. Are you looking for a job yet?

    Hope this is a good year for you. This is always a busy time for me, too, but by the end of January things will have smoothed out.

  2. I did meet with the recruiter I wrote about previously and it went well. He didn’t make me feel small like my friend projected. He does call periodically with a potential job, but I’ve yet to have an interview. I was sending resumes to company’s advertising online, but I stopped a couple of months ago after receiving only rejection letters. Plus, a guy I talk to all the time at the gym (he owns a company similar to my company) told me about a job working for his brother-in-law who was opening an office selling insurance. He thought I’d make the perfect assistant and was sure it would be a huge increase in pay. It wasn’t, it paid thousands of dollars a year less. When I told him what I make he said, “There are a lot of people out there who would be happy to make what I make.” I was a tad offended and reminded him I am a CPA. That was when I stopped looking for a new job.

    My company has been short of money, since this recession began but some days it is worse than others. Today was one of them. I am still mad at ADP for the fiasco they created with our year-end tax filings when we switched to them in 2006. At the last minute they decided they were unable to complete the filings forcing me to complete them. Then they issued ten incorrect copies of our W-2’s some of which they sent to the IRS. I’ve been working with IRS to get this straightened out ever since. Then the IRS sends a representative to my office to sit down and go over this last week when I was on vacation. My manager of course didn’t give her all of the information…and so it goes. There is more, but I think I’ve done enough whining for now. You get the idea. It is actually my manager who always says if this is the worst thing that happens in life it is a good life, but he doesn’t know where the quote originated. Thanks for listening.

  3. Good luck with everything! While the beginning of a new calendar year is a wonderful time for reflection, it also means a crazy scramble that is year-end close for most companies. I do not envy any one having to deal with that right now! To add the IRS to that situation only compounds the stress.

    Wishing you a long, relaxing vacation when everything is done!

  4. Michelle,
    A vacation sounds like a great idea right now even if it’s just spending a day at home reading a good book.

    I would to like get out of accounting some day; it’s just not feasible right now. In the past, you’ve mentioned a possible career change. Have you had any new thoughts or developments?

  5. No new developments on changing jobs. The job I really wanted required too much travel, which is not something that fits the family schedule right now, so I had to let that dream go. I would still like to switch jobs one day. The company situation is still frustrating, but I suspect that it will be easier to do once the recession is truly over.