Sunday, April 17, 2011

That dress looks great on you!

A member of my husband’s family is getting married this summer which means I have to begin the dreaded task of shopping for a new dress. I asked a friend who’s into fashion where she would look for a dress. She said,
“Funny you should ask I just bought a dress for a June wedding at The Limited. I’m not sure about it though. The dress falls above my knee and I hate showing that much leg. The salesgirl assured me I looked great in the dress and suggested I wear tights with it.”
Tights in June!* She was unsure, but the salesclerk was very persuasive and eventually convinced her to buy it. As she was checking out she overheard one of the salesgirls whisper to another, “Go tell Kelly in fitting room two she looks great in that shirt.” What the hell. They say that to everyone.

What terrible customer service. I’ve had salespeople in the past tell me something does not look good on me and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated it. I would return to a store where I trusted the sales staff any day over a store that convinced me to buy something just to make a sale.

p.s. If anyone has any suggestions where a 40-something petite gal should shop for a dress to wear to an afternoon summer wedding followed by a formal reception let me know.

* Apparently nylons are no longer in style.


  1. I feel your pain. Already worrying about what to wear to a July wedding. It's so difficult to be petite (in height), but old enough to want something sophisticated, not coquettish. Lots of people rave about Kohl's and I have recently found some things at Ann Taylor Loft in outlet malls, as well as Chico's. Good luck!

    ps: things are not as "formal" and "dressy" these days, so maybe that will help. and definitely no stockings - yuck!

  2. (^devil's advocate) well... maybe she did indeed look good in that shirt...

  3. That's awful customer service!

    I've been having a lot of success with Etsy. Maybe you'll find something you like there?

  4. As a veteran retail employee, I've got to say, the most annoying thing is hearing my fellow employees compliment someone on how they look when that person obviously looks terrible.

    My suggestion to you is to try Banana Republic...they have petite clothing at some of the bigger locations or online. Plus their staff is super snobby so I highly doubt they'll give you any feedback...good, bad, or bulls***. Good luck!

  5. Webb,
    Thanks for the suggestions. I would have never thought of Chicos. Ok no stockings and I do like the idea of less formal.

    Classic NYer,
    I hope she did look great in the shirt, but you really can't say without seeing her first.

    Miel Abielle,
    I could have a lot of fun poking around Etsy. I would have never thought of looking there either, but don't think I would buy without first trying on. Does Etsy allow returns?

    So disheartening. Thanks for suggesting Banana Republic. I didn't know they carried petites.

  6. This is why I never trust salespeople... because their primary purpose is to make a sale. Don't get me wrong, there are honest ones out there, but a salesperson's primary allegiance is usually to their job since they want to remain employed. (Totally understandable, by the way.)

    Concerning places to shop, admittedly, I'm primarily an online shopper. I'm petite also. Places I venture to online in search of a good summer dress are...

    And of course there's always eBay :) Hope these help. I'm dropping by from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party! Have a splendidly relaxing weekend!

  7. Ms. Blase,
    I just read a suggestion in a newsletter that said you should never ask a salesperson if an item looks good on you. Instead have two items and ask which one looks better. Thanks for the store suggestions. I still haven't bought anything, but have gotten ideas from the websites you listed.