Monday, June 30, 2014

Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge

Welcome to our Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge. Over the past couple of years Tanya of Mom's Small Victories has enjoyed participating in the Around the World in 80 Books Reading challenge. After  discovering the host blog went down she's decided to bring back this challenge with a new name and new goals. Becca of  I'm Lost in Books  and yours truly are partnering with Tanya in hosting this challenge.  Without further adieu I am excited to bring you:


The Goal

Travel the world in books, of course! Expand your horizons and read books set in or written by authors from countries other than the one you live in. Visit as many different countries in books as you wish.

The "Rules"

And the "rules" are simply this...YOU choose your own adventure! These are your goals but you can change them any time.

1. Determine length of time you will participate in the challenge. Just one month, An entire season, a year or 5 years?

2. Determine how many countries you would like to read about during your adventure. What criteria are you using to determine the number of countries you read about (ex. book setting, author background or both)?

3. How will you track the countries you visited in books? You could create a map in Google Maps, track on your blog or on a Goodreads shelf.

4. Determine your book list or genre if you like. Will you be listing specific books you would like to read? Do you aim to read fiction, nonfiction or a mixture of both?

5. Link up your posts. Linkies will be available for sign up/goals, wrap up, and a linky for each continent for you to add your book reviews whenever you are ready.

6. Please follow each of our 3 hosts by at least one social media or bloglovin, RSS, GFC so you can keep informed of news, updates and events regarding this challenge.

We have a Travel the World in 80 Books Readathon in the works for September! That's it, are you ready to travel the world in books? Grab the button and "arrivederci", "bon voyage", "sayonara" and enjoy your travels!


For my challenge I am going to read 50 nonfiction books that take place in 50 different countries other than my own over the next five years.  I've created a Pinterest board to create my progress.
The challenge begins July 1st, so please head over to Tanya's site to link up your sign up post.



  1. Very excited you are joining me for the challenge. I look forward to seeing what you read and maybe we can read another book together :)

  2. We should. I would enjoy that. I am also going to ask Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness for suggestions.

    1. Great, let me know what's on your to read list. I hope you add this sign up post to our sign up linky.

  3. This is great! I like this especially since I like to read a lot of different books.

  4. Anonymous12:39 AM

    What a fascinating idea for engaging in reading. Not just reading any 50 books, but books relating to travel. Hope you include North Korea. I'm fascinated by that country and would love to know your thoughts should you read such a book. Are you also posting your list on Good Reads? Good luck!

  5. Hi Savvy!
    It IS a great idea, I only wish I had time to join you in your reading travels!

    However, might I suggest a reference book you might want to look at for ideas (your library might have a copy): Robert Burgin's reader's guide titled "Going Places: A Reader's Guide to Travel Narratives"--he lists hundreds of travel books, separated into genres and themes, and indexed by location. It's a great book to help you find other books.

  6. I just joined in, Savvy! :) Looking forward to seeing what you read. I've started my own Google Map and put in some of my old reads and I realize it may help some people choose some books:

    Enjoy your Sunday! :)

  7. Oh, I freaking love this! I'm totally going to do it....I may follow your suit and do 50 in 5 years. I'm not sure how I'm going to track it many things to plan...