Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Life is not about perfection

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of attending a presentation given by Eliz Greene of Embrace Your Heart. She shared her miraculous story with us:
Eliz Greene was seven-months pregnant with twins when she suffered a massive heart attack. Her life changed — not only did she survive a ten-minute cardiac arrest, the cesarean delivery of her daughters and open-heart surgery, all on the same day — she gained new perspective and passion for life.
Eliz is this teeny tiny woman who shook her booty across the stage as she persuaded her audience to exercise in ten minute increments when we were unable to fit a 30 minute workout into our schedule. She also told us how she had lost 80 pounds after the birth of her daughters and is now motivated to live a healthy lifestyle.   She wants to be here to watch them grow up. 

I was so impressed with her presentation I went home and signed up for her newsletter. Yesterday the following appeared in my in-box:  

This year make a small, simple daily goal instead of a resolution!
Life is not about perfection.
It's about moving in the right direction!

This was just what I needed on the last day of 2012.  After reading your comments on my post Continuing to Struggle with Work-Life Balance in 2012, I’ve been thinking perhaps I am too hard on myself.  Instead of focusing on my failed 2012 challenges, in 2013 I am going to concentrate on accomplishing one small task each day. My ultimate goal is to eventually become a stronger person, but I realize with all the hassles of daily life this is not going to happen overnight. As Eliz writes:   

-  Don't beat yourself up. The beauty of a daily goal is it resets every day. If you missed today, start again tomorrow.

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  1. One of the best pieces of advice i heard today was NOT to start a diet today. Too much leftover holiday, and too much pressure. Start tomorrow, or sunday. If you are thinking in that direction, its a thought ...

  2. Hi! I'm from the Aloha Friday blog hop. I like that you're talking about giving yourself the opportunity to change,but the leeway to make mistakes. No one's perfect, and it's healthy to acknowledge that. Hope you're having a great Friday!

  3. That is a great quote!

    I think small steps are the best. I'm the type that sees the end result and tends to over commit but have been trying to simplify.

    Using a timer has helped me to stay on track. Happy Sharefest!

  4. Love what you shared from her about it not being about perfection but moving in the right direction! What a great thing for me (many of us) to remember. I think that will go well with my focus this year .... to approach things in a positive way!
    Visiting from SITS

  5. As soon as I left a comment here, I went and posted a link to your blog on my blog's facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/FiguringOutHowThePiecesFit/posts/428858397184896

  6. Beautiful idea. Thanks for sharing. I'm trying to create a bit of routine for myself. This might be the perfect thing to add.

    This year I chose the word "see" to guide me. I want to see more. I want to see the things I miss when I rush. I want to be more present in my life.

    Best wishes for a wonderful new year. Happy Sharefst.

  7. Webb,
    I took you up on your suggestion and enjoyed one last day of holiday eating. Getting back on track has been going well. I've started a strength journal. It has helped.

  8. Tamara,
    Thanks for stopping in. I think we have to be flexible and just start over the next day. Some days are just better than others.

  9. c @ annuary chit,
    I like the timer idea. I'm going to use it.

  10. Melissa,
    Love your new focus - approaching things in a positive way - what a great idea. And thanks for the Facebook promotion.

  11. Miss Robin,
    Thank you for sharing your word "see" and for inspiring me to come up with my own word. As I mentioned on your blog, I didn’t want my word to be strength or strong or even “Be Strong.” While reading about your word, my word came to me - Wholeness. I’ve been reading Gloria Steinem’s book “Revolution From Within” where she writes about “wholeness.” She recommends we work towards a “whole self.” Thanks Robin for helping me “See” my word.

    And wishing you a great 2013 as well.

  12. Hi, just found your blog at the Saturday Sharefest. Great post, great blog. I'm a follower.

    Baby Steps. You are absolutely right. We are all a work in progress and hopefully, always will be. Change doesn't happen over night.

  13. Darlene,
    So true. I just checked out your blog - the road to inner peace and happiness - perhaps you can offer a few tips to help me with my strength project.