Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to Maintain a High Energy Level at Work - Strength Interview #4

Created by Darlene B. Nemeth
This week I am running a series of posts resulting from my strength interview with Darlene B. Nemeth. About two years ago Darlene embarked on a journey to travel towards inner peace and happiness. Her quest reminded me of my own challenge to become a stronger person in my 50th year. Curious to learn more I emailed Darlene and requested an interview. Today’s interview question focuses on maintaining a high energy level at work.

I struggle with having enough energy to stay strong at work. Do you have any suggestions for maintaining a high energy level?

My first three answers to What makes you feel strong? apply here as well. Get enough sleep, eat right, drink water.

To that list, I would like to add: taking breaks. I am not talking about your regular lunch break or the two fifteen minute breaks some companies provide.

I am talking about micro breaks every thirty to forty minutes. Get up and stretch. Talk and joke around with a co-worker. I like to go outside for fresh air and feel the sunshine on my face.

The idea here is to think about something different, stretch your eyeball muscles by looking far into the distance and move your body.

Micro breaks will rejuvenate your mind and body. You will be able to go back to work refreshed and productive with a healthy work attitude.

I joke around with coworkers that they need to get up and move around because all their blood has pooled in their butts. And as you know, we are not getting any younger, rigamortis sets in quickly and we have to get up from our chairs to break it up.

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How do you maintain a high level of energy at work?

Tune in tomorrow to read my the final strength interview post with Darlene.

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