Friday, December 12, 2008

"I hate my supervisor"

Alyssa asks:
Two years ago I was promoted to a different department within my company. I love what I do and have been performing very well. The problem is my supervisor; I hate her and she hates me. She inherited me as a subordinate when my department merged with hers last January. Things got pretty bad earlier this year, forcing me to file a harassment suit against her. HR performed an investigation and determined no harassment had occurred. They did, however, send her to an all day training seminar. Since then, we both go out of our way to avoid each other, but I am constantly on edge thinking she is plotting to get rid of me. My old department has sought me out and offered me my old job back. I hate the idea of giving up my current position, and salary, yet the thought of working for this woman another minute literally makes me ill. What should I do?

I think your best bet is to seek employment outside of your organization. Your company does not have your interests in mind. They have already demonstrated this by neglecting to help you work through the problems you are having with your supervisor. Keep in mind with the economy in the doldrums; it could take several months to find a new position outside of your company. Worst case scenario it may take a year to find a new position. Do you think you could work for your supervisor another year?

“2008 was the worst year of my working life. Working for her another whole year! No, I really don’t think I can.”

You have just answered your own question. Working for a boss who dislikes and harasses you affects your work performance and mental health. Go back to your old job where you are wanted and appreciated. Start networking with family and friends letting them know you are looking for position similar to the one you have right now. Enlist your former boss (the one that originally hired you for your new position) to give you a reference. Good luck. Hopefully, with your renewed confidence and the 2nd-quarter projected economic turnaround, you will have a new job before you know it.

As to giving up your position and salary, a few years ago I took a pay-cut and gave up a title to escape a bad boss and have never looked back. With-in one year I was making the same salary as what I had given up. As to the title, a title is just that a title, I was working on more interesting projects in my new position working for a "great boss" than when I had the fancy title.

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