Sunday, March 03, 2013

How to Play Professional Matchmaker on Social Media

Have you ever had two contacts you met via social media you were sure would benefit from being introduced to each other? I recently had that experience. A connection I met through this blog asked if I’d promote her business by sending her current promotion to my contacts. I immediately thought of Anna Runyan. Anna is a career coach and the founder of She taught me the importance of networking in Why Networking is Important, a guest post she wrote for this blog. Also, last year I participated in Anna's Classy Career Girl's networking challenge.

I didn't think forwarding my friend’s email to Anna would really promote her business; most likely it would be deleted along with all the other spam-like emails. Thinking my friend’s business may benefit the members of Anna’s latest endeavor the Classy Career Girl Get Ahead Club I wanted the two of them to connect. Not knowing how to go about this I emailed Anna asking for her advice. Here is Anna's response.
Is she is on LinkedIn? I know you can introduce both of us there. Otherwise, I would just send an email with both of us CC'd and introduce us through email…Anna this is so and so and she does this…. Etc.
Since I blog anonymously, I obviously can’t introduce them through LinkedIn. Instead, I will go with Anna’s suggestion to introduce them via email.

I also asked Anna once an introduction has been made how should my contact go about networking with her? Should she ask for a few minutes of Anna’s time then give her elevator speech? Should she ask if Anna would promote her business to her contacts? Whether she should participate in the Classy Career Girl Get Ahead Club? Or should she ask something else entirely? Here is Anna’s response:
I would think differently about it. Like how can she help me so that I can help her because networking isn't only about having other people help you. So maybe she should say that she enjoys my blog and that she tweeted some articles just to show that she knows what I do and has helped spread the word. And then she can ask her question. Does that make sense? As far as what she should ask, that would really depend on what she wants?
Thank you Anna. Anna Runyan can be found at I highly recommend subscribing to the Classy Career Girl Newsletter where you will receive weekly career tips and my favorite - book reviews and recommendations. Also, check out the Classy Career Girl Get Ahead Club! You can read more about it here.

One more thing:
Before introducing two people who don’t know each other I would privately ask each of them if they are comfortable with the connection and give them the opportunity to opt out. You don't want to take either of them by surprise or put them in an awkward situation.

Have you ever played professional match maker on social media? How did it work out?

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  1. Interesting post! I've actually found Twitter is really effective - intros are short but I think it feels like there's no pressure. After the initial connection if the two are interested they can have more conversation, then transition to email for more details. I've been introduced to a WordPress developer when I needed help, and someone I later interviewed for my blog. I've also done it myself... I know someone who is great at using social media, and I had just been to a social media conference... I tweeted "@socialmediaperson, you are a great example of how to use Twitter, you should speak at @conference next year!" The two parties thanked me, I saw a couple of tweets between them, and next thing I knew the person I'd introduced was on the schedule as a speaker at the conference :)

  2. Kate,
    Such great examples thanks for sharing. I find it so rewarding to help others network. I like the idea of using twitter.