Sunday, February 28, 2016

Learning About Swagbucks From Angie of Angie's Angle

This month I joined Susannah Kellogg's blogging buddy match up called Solidarity Sisters. Susannah who blogs at Simple Moments Stick, pairs two like bloggers to connect and work together over a specified period to grow their blogs. I was paired with Angie of Angie's Angle. Angie is a full-time lifestyle blogger with many talents and interests. Immediately I noticed we had several things in common: dogs, food, health, gardening and books. Angie was also there to console me when I lost my beloved dog Buck to cancer earlier this month. She is no stranger to grief having lost her childhood fur baby Rascal at 17 1/2.

For our final challenge, a collaborative effort, we decided to swap posts. Angie is a member of Swag Bucks – something I’ve always wanted to know more about, so today she is sharing her insights into their program. Since I read a lot about nonfiction,  for my post Angie asked that I recommend some of my favorite histories or biographies. Head over to Angie's Angle to learn what biographies I recommended.

Here is Angie:

Today I am going to talk to you a bit about Swagbucks. 

What is Swagbucks:
For those that don't know, Swagbucks is a program online (no downloading required but can earn you a bit more points if done so) where you earn points towards gift cards completely free.
My husband and I now both do it on a daily basis.  Yes, you are allowed more than one account in the household, as long it's separate emails and they are the one working on it, not you working on both.  We mainly work towards getting our goal on a daily basis and each month we cash out for at least $25 a month in Amazon.  Most of the time we each get $50 but some months, it's only the $25.
How do you earn?
It's really easy but does take a bit of time each day.  
Search - use it as your regular search engine and you can randomly earn points for doing that.  I do believe most of the time you can earn up to three search wins a day.
Daily Poll - there is a daily poll each day that you can earn a point with, so really simple there.

NOSO - each day you go through their daily offers, just clicking more deals and hit the end where you put in a code and earn 2 points.  Again very simple.
Answer - you can go through and do surveys to also earn points on a daily basis.  You can earn 1 point for each survey you disqualify for up to five times as well. 
Games - you can earn 10 points a playing their very easy games, like Swagasaurus Run.  Get 2 points for every 2 games you play.  So play 10 times and you can earn your max 10 points for that.  Sometimes it takes a bit more than the 10 times to earn it, but still very simple way to earn those points.
Shop & Earn - you can also earn points just while doing your regular shopping online and going through Swagbucks to earn a bit of extra points back.  It does take 30 days I think it is to credit, but still worth it in my opinion.  
Mobile - there are some videos you can watch on your phone to earn extra points in your day.  Each of them you can earn 10 points a day on and there are 6 different programs to do so.
Discover - there are also various other ways you can earn, but it varies with the type and what  you are doing to earn it.  But just clicking around on Swagbucks itself will familiarize yourself with the ways you can earn and how.
Curious and want to hop on the Swagbucks train?  I swear to you it's totally legit and sometimes can be an enjoyable way to earn some extra for your household.  Join today through my referral link and I'll earn while you earn.  
Any questions?  I'd be happy to hop over to Savvy's blog and see if there and answer them to my best ability. Thanks for Savvy wanting me to tell you all & her about Swagbucks.

If you would like to participate in the Solidarity Sister's program click here to apply.

Disease Called Debt


  1. Thanks for being my partner this month Savvy!! I enjoyed it. Look forward to getting to know you even more!

    1. Thank you Angie. It was a great experience, I'm looking forward to getting to know you better too.

  2. This is so interesting! I have a swagbucks account but don't take advantage of it as much as I should! I'm so glad you've enjoyed getting to know Angie this month! I love hearing what other's feel about the Solidarity Sisters program! <3

    1. Thank you Susannah. I am an introvert and feel like an imposter where blogging is concerned so your program is good for me. It forces me out of my shell.

  3. Swagbucks is awesome! I need to start using it again... :)

  4. I'm stopping over from Sits Blogging. Thanks for sharing. I've never heard of this! :)

    1. I still don't think I want to put in the time - at least not now, but maybe someday. FYI - you would make a great solidarity sister.

  5. Cool. I've been on Swagbucks for about two weeks, but still wasn't quite sure how some of the points work.

    1. You'll have to let us know if Swagbucks works for you.

  6. The partnership sounds so neat, what a great idea! :) I'm a big swagbucks fan and have been earning giftcards for a few years now, I recommend it to everyone!

  7. I use swagbucks every day! Only for searching though, I don't really spend time on the polls, shopping or games. Those swagbucks can soon add up and come in handy for Christmas!